Monday, February 19, 2018

February 19, 2018

Dear Family,
A huge thank you to all the moms that helped during our Valentine’s party.  Your kids had a wonderful time!

Reminder...RAZ-Kids Reading Assessment due Wednesday, February 21st.  Please see the message that was sent via email on Tuesday. 
Some of your kiddos will notice another icon on their Raz Kids homepage.  It is titled "Flight Check."  Please have your child complete this activity independently.  There are 3 parts for your child to do here.  First, record reading the passage aloud. (No help from parents please and students should not practice reading it before sending it to me.)  Second, record themselves talking about what happened in the short story.  Third, take the quiz.  Students will get this online "check-in" assignment as needed.  These assessments are due by Wednesday, February 21st. Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.

On Friday, I sent out an order form for our Class Poetry Book.  Each child from my class will create a page (a poem and an illustration) to be included in the class book.  Once completed, the pages will be sent to a company for “publishing” and our very own hardcover professionally bound book will come back for us to enjoy.  Each family has a chance to order a personal copy for only $ 19.95.  The order forms were sent home Friday. See below for highlights...
Each family has a chance to order a personal copy for only softcover for $19.95 or hardcover for $ 24.95. Order forms are due back by Friday, March 9th.
Important Information:
1)  Please make checks payable to Studentreasures Publishing NOT the school.
2)  Ordering Online: Please be sure to include the Authorization Code on the order form and return it to school with your child.
3)  Even if you do not wish to purchase a copy, please send back the form with NO marked so that it is indicated that your child’s page can be included in our class book and so that our class will receive a free book for all to enjoy.

Next Week…
Math: Students will practice and develop a deeper understanding of the idea that addition facts can help them solve subtraction facts because they are related. When given 3 numbers student should be able to generate the two addition and two subtraction facts that are related to these three given numbers.  For example related facts for: 3, 4, 7...3+4=7, 4+3=7, 7-4=3, 7-3=4

Science: We will be wrapping up our unit on Living/Non-living, Interdependence, and Food Chains. We will review with several activities and test on Friday.

Reading with Integrated Social Studies:  This week, students will continue to learn about goods and services by reading and discussing the books: Daisy Diaz Shakes Up Camp and Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday.  Students will learn that goods and services may be provided/received/exchanged by other means.  For example, bartering (exchanging) and trading may be used to fulfill your needs and wants.  We will also discuss that people need to make choices when things are scarce.

Writing: Students will select a poem from their collection and begin working on their individual page for our published class poetry book. This will include getting the poem to final copy form (written in pen) along with an illustration. While working on their page for our book, they will also be creating their own little poetry books that will house a collection of their own poems they wrote throughout our poetry unit.     

Campus News...

Field Day Announcements
Schedule of Events:
2nd& 3rd Grades –8:00-9:45 am
4th& 5th Grades –10:00-11:45 am
K & 1st Grades –12:30 –2:15 pm

We need Parent Volunteers!
If you can donate any amount of time to help us run a station at Field Day, please visit our sign up genius link listed below. We appreciate you helping us make this day a success!

Important Dates…
  • Feb.19-20 No School/Student Holiday
  • Feb. 21-March 1 Apex Fun Run Fundraiser
  • March 1 APEX Fun Run (on the track)
  • March 6 3rd Grade Economics Fair (send in your quarters if you would like to make purchases)
  • March. 9 Field Day
  • March 9 Studentreasures class poetry book orders due (even if you marked no, please return form)
  • March 12-16 Spring Break
  • March 30 No school/holiday

Sunday, February 11, 2018

February 11, 2018

Dear Family,
Valentine party is Feb. 14.  I emailed all families last week with details regarding the Valentine boxes and class list. Please let me know if you have any questions.  Please refer to Mrs. Paprocki's post on the Remind App regarding the party.

Just a reminder...I will be out on Monday to attend a family funeral.  I will have limited access to emails during this time.  If you have a change in your child's dismissal, please contact the front office directly and they will get a note to the substitute.

Next Week…
Math: Students will learn to solve addition equations when one addend is missing. They will use part-part-whole mats as a tool to help them solve for the unknown addend. We will continue to review place value.

Science: This week, we will continue our unit on Living/Non-Living and Interdependence with a focus on Interdependence and Food Chains. Students will explore these relationships among living things through interactive games and hands on activities.

Reading: Students will continue to read and interpret poetry. Students need to understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about how an author’s sensory language creates imagery in poetry. The students will use chants, songs and rhyme to further their understanding of interpreting poems.

Writing: Students will continue their study of poetry and practice writing new kinds of poems. The types of poems students will learn about and write this week include: haiku, diamante, and 5 senses.  Students will also be bringing home an order form for a class book we will be writing in class when we return from Spring Break.  The cost of the book is $19.95 and checks need to be made out to Student Treasures.  (All the ordering information is included on the ordering form your child will be bringing home.)  

Campus News...
The 2018 KLRU Kids Writing Contest is open for submissions until March 31st! If you have a K-5 writer in your family itching to share their work, head over to the KLRU contest website for more information.  A few entry packets are also available in the library.

Important Dates…
  • Feb. 12 Mrs. Ashby Out
  • Feb. 8-13 Scholastic Book Fair (opens at 2:50 PM. on 8th; closes at noon on 13th)
  • Feb. 16 Six Flags Read To Succeed and Schlitterbahn Reading Logs due
  • Feb.19-20 No School/Student Holiday
  • Feb. 21-March 1 Apex Fun Run Fundraiser
  • March 1 APEX Fun Run (on the track)
  • March 6 3rd Grade Economics Fair (send in your quarters if you would like to make purchases)
  • Mar. 9 Field Day
  • March 12-16 Spring Break
  • March 20 Student Treasures Order Forms due back from students (please mark no if not ordering)
  • March 30 No school/holiday

Monday, February 5, 2018

February 5, 2018

Dear Family,
Be on the look out soon for more information about the Valentine party on February 14.  

Next Week...
Math: This week, we will review addition strategies such as counting on, doubles, and doubles plus one and how we can use these strategies to add more quickly.

Science: This week, we will continue our unit on Living vs. Non-Living. Students will continue to develop their understanding of the characteristics of living things and will practice sorting different items into living and non-living categories.

Reading: This week starts our three week study of poetry.  Students will begin to learn different ways of looking at poems.  This includes looking at it through the eyes of a scientist vs. the eyes of a poet, Students will also discover that poems often need to be read differently than they would read a story to help convey its meaning.  They will learn about the importance of line breaks and will also explore ways in which a poet chooses topics for the poems they create.

Writing:  Students will spend their Writer’s Workshop time being introduced to various types of poems, components of each, and spend time practicing writing some poems of their own.  Some of the poems students will be writing include: Haiku, Acrostic, 5 Senses, Descriptive, and Diamante. Students will gather a collection of personally written poems that will later be used for a fun (and exciting) class project.  

Important Dates…

  • Feb. 9 PTA Movie Night-CANCELLED
  • Feb. 8-13 Scholastic Book Fair (opens at 2:50 PM. on 8th; closes at noon on 13th)
  • Feb. 16 Six Flags Read To Succeed and Schlitterbahn Reading Logs due
  • Feb.19-20 No School/Student Holiday
  • Mar. 9 Field Day

Friday, January 26, 2018

January 26, 2018

Dear Family
We had a fabulous time at The Thinkery Tuesday!  Thanks again to those that were able to chaperone!

Next Week...
Math: This week, we will be working on greater than less than and comparing numbers. We will be using our knowledge of comparing numbers to work on equality and balancing equations.

Science:  This week, we will begin our unit on Living and Non-living things. Students will learn the characteristics of living things and will practice sorting a variety of items into living and non-living categories. Students will observe items outside and will determine if they are living or non-living.

Reading:  This geography unit will end with students identifying and describing the physical characteristics of a place such as landforms, bodies of water, natural resources, and weather.  They will also identify examples of and uses for natural resources in our community, state, and nation and describe how the human characteristics of a place such as shelter, clothing, food, and activities are based upon geographic location.

Writing:  Students will finish working on their state research projects using various resources and tools.  They will put the finishing touches on their Google Slides presentations and present to the class.

Important Dates…
-Feb. 16 Six Flags Read To Succeed and Schlitterbahn Reading Logs due
-Feb. 19-20 No School/Student Holiday
-Mar. 9 Field Day

Friday, January 19, 2018

January 19, 2018

Dear Family

Yesterday your child brought home his/her data binder. It comes home every nine weeks with his/her report card in a gold envelope located in the inside pocket of the binder.  In the binder, each nine weeks grading period is separated by a colored page.  Behind each colored page you will find math pre-assessments, math assessments, and science assessments.  Please review and discuss the common assessments with your child, but do not remove any of these work samples. (I will return the entire binder to you at the end of the year.)  If you have any questions about what a 1, 2, 3, or 4 means on the report card, please refer to the grading guidelines tab on the 1st grade blog. At this time of year, several students may have mostly 2’s. This indicates that a child is meeting expectations with minimal guidance and is progressing as expected as a learner.  Kindly return the data binder and signed report card envelope with your child by Monday. The report card is yours to keep.        

Next Week...
Math: Students will work on making ten and be able to compose and decompose numbers into tens. This will help them better manipulate numbers mentally. We will continue to review Place Value and Expanded form throughout the week.

Science: Students will continue to learn about objects in the sky and day and night. We will be using technology and hands on activities to explore and learn more about the moon, stars, and sun. A test for this unit and for Patterns of Movement will be on Friday.

Reading: Students will continue to think like a geographer by reading and discussing Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney and then create a flipbook that shows where our community, Texas and the United States are located on a map and globe. After reading and discussing Mapping Penny’s World by Loreen Leedy, students will end the week by working in groups to construct a map of the classroom.

Writing: Students will continue working on their state research projects using various resources and tools.  They will be introduced to Google Slides and taught how to put together a presentation. Student will begin assembling a mini slides (Powerpoint) presentation.  Their slides will include researched information about their state along with pictures.  

Important Dates…
·  Jan. 23 1st Grade Field Trip to The Thinkery
·  Feb. 16 Six Flags Read To Succeed and Schlitterbahn Reading Logs due
·  Feb.19-20 No School/Student Holiday

·  Mar. 9 Field Day

Friday, January 12, 2018

January 12, 2018

Dear Family,
Welcome back!  I hope all of you had a fabulous winter break!

Campus Announcements…
The annual Round Rock ISD survey is now open for parents to provide valuable feedback on how schools are working and what can be done to improve campus and
District practices.  The survey will be available through February 9, 2018 and can be accessed in English and Spanish. Parents are greatly encouraged to participate as the survey serves as the District’s primary source of obtaining feedback about their experiences and how they can be improved. The Title I survey will also be included and all surveys are anonymous.

Next Week…
Math:  Students will continue to deepen their understanding of place value up to 99 through expanded form.  We will use games and hands on activities to reinforce place value skills. There will be a test over place value and  expanded form on Friday.

Science: This week we will begin our unit on Objects in the Sky & Day and Night. We will learn about the differences between day and night and will make observations about the appearance of the moon and stars.

Reading with Integrated Social Studies: For the next few weeks, we will learn about being a geographer by using maps, learning about the physical characteristics of our environment and the importance of natural resources.  This week students will focus on locating places using the 4 cardinal directions. Students will learn that a map has a title, cardinal directions and a legend/key with symbols.

Writing:  This week students will embark on a three week journey of research.  Each student will research, with a partner, a state of their choosing.  (Texas will not be available for students to research.  Classroom teachers will use Texas as a guide throughout the research unit.)  Students will discover what makes resources useful and reliable while learning to put gathered information into their own words. They will then create a Google Slide presentation based on their research. Each group will present their Google Slide presentation to their class at the end of the three week research unit.   

Important Dates:
  • Jan. 15 No School/MLK, Jr. Day
  • Jan. 23 1st Grade Field Trip to The Thinkery
  • Feb. 16 Six Flags Read To Succeed and Schlitterbahn Reading Logs due
  • Feb.19-20 No School/Student Holiday

Library books are due every Wednesday and RAZ Kids reading assignments every Monday

Letter from a Patsy Sommer DI team

Dear fellow Stallions and  Stallion Parents,

                           "Saving the Earth starts in the cafeteria"

As a part of our DI ( destination imagination) project, last Friday, my friends and I measured 200 lbs of food wasted in the cafeteria! There were also unopened packages of food and drinks like 38 packs of milk, 40 packages of juice, unopened muffins, energy bars, pop tarts and water bottles that we rescued from going into the trash. 
200lbs per day equals to approximately 800 slices of pizza in the trash or $800 in the trash. That's a lot!!

Our goal is to create awareness among our fellow stallions and make them a part of our mission in trying to reduce food waste in our school cafeteria.

Food in the trash ends up going to the landfills and releases methane into the atmosphere which contributes to air pollution. Methane is 25% more potent than carbon dioxide .This leads to global warming. Also, wasting food is wasting money,time,effort & resources.

Here is how you can help at the school cafeteria:

1.Take What you eat & eat what you take.Think before you take and don't take before you think. 

2.Save your unopened food for later so that it does not go in the trash can .

3.There are a lot of hungry people in the world ,so we should share our valuable gift of food with them. 

We are also working with Mrs.Varljen on some other possibilities for handling food waste at school and we will keep you'll updated!

Next time be sure to not waste your food!

Parents please talk to your kids about this and thank you for reading this and have a nice day.

Aman, Anisha,Neel, Nihar&Varun
DI team "DIY monsters"